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Who am I? What do I do? MeAgainstYou? Huh? Ewww, you have ads on your site?

Who am I?

My name is Garrett Murphy, and I'm a web developer and designer stationed in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. My development skills and experience range from small "microsites" to large-scale application development for big industry. Most importantly the web is my life, my obsession, and my love.

By day, I'm a dashingly handsome web developer for a company called LawLogix. We're a total niche company that currently has two products, Guardian (an I-9 and E-Verify compliance service) and Edge (a complete case-management solution for lawyers in the immigration industry). We are proud of our track record and have received several awards for our technological achievements.

By night, I'm a loving father and husband to the ladies in my life: my wife, Penny, and daughters, Sydney and Mackenzie. I have a wide array of other interests as well: I'm a published fiction writer, I enjoy backpacking and hiking, getting beaten up by my daughters, watching ridiculously bad science fiction movies, woodworking, and sometimes I even manage to do some freelance computer work. Did I mention my daughters abuse me? It's quite sad...

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What do I do?

In both my day job and as a freelancer, I've had to fill a wide variety of roles, both out of necessity as well as because, well, I enjoy doing a lot of different things. So, in light of that, I work in all aspects of web development: front-end, back-end, and database, and the same goes for application development. It's actually become a running joke of mine that if I ever sat down and re-wrote my resume, I'd be completely unhireable as my resume would look like absolute fluff.

Here is my ridiculous "toolbox" of technology:

Front End Back end Database Other



















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MeAgainstYou? Huh?

Long story, so I'll just give a brief synopsis here. A while back, I had a great idea for a website to faciliate online debate, and I took on a friend to be my partner. Over the ensuing year, several things happened: 1) my idea turned out to not be as unique as I'd thought, so several similar/identical sites sprang up, 2) my day job began taking up far more of my time than I'd planned (we were converting our 4D database to PostGreSQL), and most importantly 3) my partner decided that he wanted to take my ideas and start his own company...with my source code... Suffice to say, the partnership broke apart, leaving me with what I think is a catchy domain name that sounds like either a conflict resolution site...or a porn site...but, I love it, so I'm living with it.

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Ewww, you have ads on your site?

Yes, yes I do. I had a little internal debate about them: I don't really NEED the income, but I also want to have access to them so I can recommend certain products, as well as playing around with APIs and such. So, I made a conclusion a while back (that people say I'm crazy for doing): 25% of any income I get from a passive source (Google ads, Amazon ads, donations of any sort) will go directly to the charities I support, split evently among them. I really think that's fair...I mean, I'm not really doing anything to earn that money (I'm honestly not analyzing my Google/Bing data on a daily basis, trying to find ways to get you to click that link for acne cream...seriously, I'm not, remember what I said earlier about not having time for stuff???). If you're curious, here's a list of charities that I support.

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