People I Work With

Organizations I support through this site ?

Edward Ellsworth (GraphicGeek)
Edward and I go way back to a call center we both worked at before we "made it big" and moved on to our current states of "urban squalor". Edward is a highly talented designer, artist and photographer, and he's my official "go-to" guy when I need a logo or some other artwork done.

jQuery Foundation
Really, this goes without saying. I love everything jQuery's doing, and their organization deserves support

St Joseph the Worker
My history with St Joseph goes back to a former boss's ex-husband, who was on the board there, asking me if I could help out a charity with some web work. They exist exclusively to helping the homeless to get back on their feet again, primarily by working to get them back into the workforce. Plus, everybody there is just...awesome.

Goodwill of Arizona
What can I really say about Goodwill? They help people to help themselves...and where else can a 6'1" linebacker find what he needs to dress as a large woman for Halloween?

Arizona Humane Society

I'm a dog guy, so it goes without saying that I support the Humane Society in any way possible

The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry

I'm also a skeptic, and this group does good things worldwide.